Why we’re different.

“If we all did things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves” – Thomas Edison

We are the embodiment of all that is Non-Bank. As an organisation that has lived, breathed and fought for Non-Bank values, we want to start with what we believe a Non-Bank is NOT.

A Non-Bank survives at the whim of consumers and brokers constantly voting with their feet, and unless it adds to the value proposition for the industry, it deserves to perish.

Since the very beginning, we have been a challenger brand, shaking up the market since 2001. Don’t take our word for it – if we weren’t delivering value we wouldn’t have increased our settlement volumes tenfold in the last 4 years.

We are dedicated to making business Ezy’er  by cutting unnecessary red tape to provide tailored, individual service, whilst delivering some of the sharpest rates available.

Over time, banks have withdrawn from various segments of the market, while Mortgage Ezy fills these gaps the banks leave behind.

Since its inception, Mortgage Ezy has sought to diversify its management structure by attracting a mixture of industry experienced professionals, together with a range of people and personalities that have helped Mortgage Ezy become Australia’s leading mortgage manager. As of March 2019, the Company has boasted a portfolio worth over A $3 billion, consisting of 11,150 + mortgage loans.

The staff and management of Mortgage Ezy have collectively developed exceptional business acumen, skill, positive attitude, composure and the tenacity to continue trajectory growth and corporate structure to the highest caliber. Its holistic and inclusive approach allows the Company to operate within multiple niche markets across various business models Australia Wide.

Vision alone is not what drives the Mortgage Ezy team. Its passion, determination and team work all collectively helping the business thrive and expand beyond the Company’s expectations.

We strive for the excellence within in our Industry, and look forward to a prosperous business future with you.

The Mortgage Ezy Non-Bank Revolution


We push boundaries to tailor our solutions so that you can pass the benefits onto your clients, both with rewarding product features and pricing.

We pay top class commissions quickly – and we pay within days of settlement, sometimes even hours!

We protect your client relationship and work as genuine partners, not just fair weather friends.

We are nimble and quick, with a flexible mindset and walk over broken glass to get your loans approved.

Above all, we are available, and and we mean personally to assist you in getting the job done. Anytime. Everytime.

When an opportunity arises at Mortgage Ezy, we seize it! Secure your freedom today and live life on your own terms!