We are a Mortgage Manager who has agreements with just about every wholesale funder in the country. What does this mean? Firstly, we are not a broker. In fact we provide loans for brokers. In essence we are an agent of the Lender, doing most of the functions that a retail lender would do internally but with a proactive and practical attitude, a common sense approach to doing business, being flexible and individually assessing each deal on its merits to provide options through our extensive panel of funding sources.

We pride ourselves on creating an Ezy experience from start to finish for both client and broker, then managing that loan and relationship with personable happy care from our service division. We have been at the cutting edge of technology to increase customer satisfaction and broker experience. Mortgage Ezy is known as a disruptor in the industry and an integral part of the paradigm shift from big banks to the Non-Bank sector.

With discontent of the banks growing the Mortgage Ezy brand brings benefit to both brokers and their customers, registering their protest vote with their feet, resulting in record volumes year on year for the last seven years. We focus on Innovation and seek to fill the gaps that the banks leave behind in the lending landscape. We are the go to lender for niche loans such as SMSF and Non-Resident for example. At Mortgage Ezy we have always taken great pride and value in doing things our way; often being the under dog who fight the competition while fighting for broker rights.


Modest beginnings…

Incorporated in 1994 Mortgage Ezy grew from modest beginnings out of the Financial Planning and subsequently Mortgage Broking arenas. In fact, the owners were so disillusioned with their experience as mortgage brokers, they decided to embark on a quest; to create a business that could, would and did look after the client better than anyone else had imagined.

We reasoned the best way to do this was in genuine partnership with our brokers, with us supporting them in the background. The entire company was established on the premise ‘that there is a better way’, and we have lived and breathed that ethos from the very first day.

Persistence, Innovation and Service are common themes you’ll encounter working with us.